Tuesday, May 3, 2016

OAC Governor's Office / Residence Artwork Loan Program

I am pleased to announce that I had three of my equine paintings selected by the Ohio Arts Council to be included in their 2016 Ohio Governor's Office and Residence Artwork Loan Program.

The artwork for this program is juried by the Ohio Arts Council.Work selected is installed in the Governor's office and residence where it will remain on an extended loan for two years.

I had the privilege to see my work hanging last week. Ohio's First Lady Karen Kasich hosted a lovely reception at the Governor's Residence. I wish I got more photos. The residence is reminiscent of an old English manor house. It is filled with Ohio-made pottery and artwork, including a pair of mirrors sporting ornately carved wooden frames courtesy of the inmates at the Mansfield Reformatory.

 My painting World Wary is hanging in an office upstairs. The wall there is red, which compliments the picture well, and with the painting's dominant white and blue color scheme gives it a patriotic vibe. 

Later that day we travelled to downtown Columbus to the the work hanging in the Governor's offices. Ohio Belle is in a hallway right outside of the Governor's office. Into The Sun made it into the Governor's Office by his desk. I hope Governor Kasich likes horses!

I appreciate the exposure this exhibition opportunity offers. My work will be viewed by public officials and policy makers. In is an honor to represent Ohio in this way. The Ohio Arts Council supports a wide variety of opportunities for Ohio artists. They are detailed on the OAC website along with lists of local and national grant opportunities, gallery/festival announcements, and other resources.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Progress May 2

Here is a cell phone shot of today's progress. It is progressing more nicely than this photo shows. This is another picture that contains opposing elements. The color scheme is mainly orange and blue, opposites on the color wheel. The brushwork is both soft and crisp. I am not sure if it shows here, but I am enjoying this process.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Progress May 1

I am still fussing over the details in Rein In. It's mostly about the tack, I want to get it right. I've been working large most of the year. It is liberating to use big brushes and stand way back from the easel while I am working. The problem with working large is when you make a mistake, such as a color or value problem, it's that much more difficult to correct it. Students, that is why we make a loose study before moving to the final version.